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Changing how people shop locally.

The convenience of today’s technology makes it easy to lose sight of personal relationships and their effect on the character of our communities. Shopping with Myti keeps more money in local business and creates opportunities for people to know people.

The Myti Mission

A community-driven online shopping platform that allows you to purchase products from independent retail businesses. A community-driven fulfillment system.

1-3 Day Delivery

Free Returns

30K+ Products, 30+ Shops

... and Growing

68% of Money Spent

Stays Local

320% Smaller Carbon Footprint

EV Delivery

"When my daughter was a baby, I received a note from daycare saying I needed to send in a sunhat. After a long day, I brought my sweet, tired baby around to five different stores, only to learn I was out of luck everywhere we went. After about two hours, I gave up. After all that effort to shop locally, I ordered the sunhat on my phone online. So many of us want to do the right thing and support our local shopkeepers, but the reality is, life gets in the way! I wish you all the best with this new endeavor. I know so many of us would benefit from your success!"

Alison Conant, Richmond, VT

Working at Myti

Myti is based at Hula Lakeside, a technology-driven co-working space on Lake Champlain powered by the sun and heated geothermically. We are surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs, start-ups, and creative energy. Curious about joining our growing team?

Meet the Team

We are passionate about community, the environment, and caring for others. We are a tight-knit team, and a microcosm of what we envision fostering in communities everywhere.