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The Power of Local

In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards shopping locally and supporting small businesses within our communities. While it can be tempting to opt for the convenience of online shopping or larger chain stores, there are many benefits to choosing to shop locally. However, it’s not always convenient or accessible to do so. If you live in a rural area, it may take longer to travel to your local shop than clicking a button and having your necessities shipped directly to you.

Here at Myti, we recognize this as an opportunity to bring the ease and availability of shopping at a large e-commerce site to the local economy and, as a result, to you. Myti is working to help small businesses connect with local customers. With our online platform that allows you to search for items based on proximity and purchase what you need from people you know, Myti is more than just online shopping, it’s a movement to keep our dollars local.

Here are some of the reasons making the switch to Myti matters:

1. Shopping Local Boosts the Local Economy

When you shop at a local business, the money you spend stays within your community. This helps to support local jobs and create economic growth. According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses account for 44% of all economic activity in the United States. Each time you choose Myti over one of the big e-commerce sites, you are making a direct impact on your community!

2. Shopping Local Creates a Sense of Community

Shopping at local businesses creates a sense of community by bringing people together. Local businesses often host events and support community initiatives, which can help to strengthen the bonds between residents and the businesses they support. By taking this support online through Myti, you are not only allowing those purveyors to continue those opportunities but accessing their services through a whole new channel! It’s an exciting time, and Myti is proud to be at the forefront of this innovative way of doing business.

3. Shopping Local Offers Unique Products and Services Large E-commerce Sites Can’t Provide

Local businesses offer unique products and services you won’t find at larger chain stores or e-commerce sites. This can be especially true for locally made or handcrafted items only found within your community. By shopping locally, you’re supporting the creativity and innovation of local entrepreneurs and allowing them to continue their craft for years to come.

4. Shopping Local Supports the Environment

Shopping locally can also have a positive impact on the environment. Local businesses often source their products locally, which reduces transportation emissions and supports sustainable practices. Here at Myti, we are committed to building an environmentally sustainable business, and keeping deliveries local helps to cut down on carbon emissions in a big way!

5. Shopping Local Provides Personalized Customer Service

Local businesses often provide a personalized customer experience that you won’t find at large chain stores. They are more likely to remember your name and preferences and offer a more personalized recommendations. Have an issue with an item you purchased? Do you have time to navigate through the quagmire of customer service selection options with one of the e-commerce giants, or would you rather call a number and speak to a human at the other end of the line? When you’re shopping locally, more often than not you’re shopping with humans on the other end of your purchase, not a warehouse or customer service phone bank. When you get a response, you know that it’s from someone who cares about their product and how they can help you here and now!

6. Shopping Local Builds Relationships With Local Business Owners

When you shop at a local business, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with the business owner. This can lead to better service and a deeper connection to the community,  collaboration opportunities, referrals, and overall positive interactions above and beyond your purchase. That local business owner isn’t just a name or a number somewhere in the ether – they’re coaching your kid’s soccer team. They’re down the street mowing their lawn. They’re buying their groceries at the next checkout line. When you build those relationships, it strengthens your own investment in those businesses and ultimately, in your community.

Myti is proud to bring this innovative and important platform to its customers as an alternative to big-box e-commerce sites for convenient, local goods and wares.

Join the exclusive customer community today, and help Myti change online shopping for good!

Photo credit: Tim Mossholder

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